Bedroom Furniture Tips for Small Rooms

These days’ newer homes built on a smaller size scale. If you are lucky enough to buy an older property, then you are probably going to enjoy large and spacious rooms, but if you are buying a newer modern home that is only a few years old, chances are you will faced with compact rooms.

The problem with smaller rooms is that you may find it hard to buy bedroom furniture that works in the room and helps make it feel bigger than it actually is. Buying bedroom furniture are a daunting process at the best of times, you want to choose the right design and style to complement the space, but at the same time you want to allow your personality to shine through.

There are some tips you can take on board when it comes to buying bedroom furniture for smaller rooms, helping you make the best choices that will help give that spacious feel, even if you limit yourself when it comes to size and how many bedroom furniture pieces you can use in the space.

Remember the last thing you want to do is overcrowd the space. When dealing with a small room, you have to think cleverly, outside the square and make sure that each piece you choose has a specific purpose within the room design.

The first piece of bedroom furniture you will want to concentrate on is the bed. Try and choose a bed that provides extra storage. These days divan beds can give storage drawers or the entire top sections of the bed can lift, providing you with ample storage below. Drawers are ideal if you are limited on wardrobe space, enabling you to store clothing and bedding under the bed and leave plenty of room around the bed to move.

While this may sound strange, you may want to consider a pencil style four-poster bed for a smaller room. Pencil beds can come in white, which is a perfect light colour for a small space, but also the height of the four-poster can give space, which is exactly what you want to do when designing a small bedroom area.

Storage is essential in a small bedroom, so when looking at bedroom furniture, always focus on how the item can give extra storage. You cannot afford clutter in a small space, so you want to give enough storage space to make sure everything can have its own place. Even night stands chosen with a drawer, providing you with that bit of extra storage that will make such a difference once you start using the room.

Create a focal point in the room. This doesn’t mean creating an entire feature wall, but creating a focal point can help enhance the space and make it feel bigger. When you walk into the room main feature is focal point. You can make a piece of bedroom furniture your focal point, such as a spectacular four-poster bed or you can hang a piece of art on the wall, ensuring that draws your eye the minute you walk through the door. Another fantastic focal point is a headboard, something dramatic that can bring the entire room together in perfect harmony.

Keep the area as open as possible to give that feeling of space. A four-poster is perfect for a small room. You get to enjoy the openness and height, both of which differentiate to the overall appearance of the room.

Remember to use light colours and allow natural light flow into the room which can work with your bedroom furniture to create a comfortable oasis in the smallest of bedrooms.