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What You Should Know about Cocaine Possession Charges.

Many people understand the dangers and consequences of drug use. However, many people still proceed and use drugs. Once arrested for being in possession of some illegal drugs, you will face drug possession charges. In case you are arrested, the first thing should be to research the charge and possible ways to lower the damages it can cause to your future.

Being in possession of cocaine will result in you being arrested and charged. However, there are several things you should do before you even talk to a drug lawyer in Louisiana. The following are some of the things you should do.

1. Know the various cocaine possession charges.

You need to know the exact charges before you even decide on your defense strategy. You would be facing two types of charges for being in possession of cocaine. You could face actual possession charge. In this case, a police officer finds that you are in possession of cocaine and you are also aware you had it.

To prove possession when cocaine is in your backpack, the prosecutor might use constructive possession theory. With constructive possession, there is a need for proof of intent. Cocaine could, however, be in your house, bag, hotel room or anywhere else where you could have legal control.

2. Get an appropriate lawyer.

Today, hire a lawyer is very expensive. It might also be very difficult getting a lawyer you are confident with. Although public defenders have many cases to deal with, they are an option when hiring a lawyer becomes unaffordable. Because of the many case, your case might not get the required attention. The best option would be to look for a professional and experienced drug possession lawyer with a proven record. You lawyer will know the best approach for your charges.

3. Be aware of the defense options.

The prosecutor must prove you were in possession of cocaine and you knew it. Again, you can prove that you were not aware you had cocaine or you never knew it was cocaine. You can also defend yourself through intent or lack of power to control. A good example, is when another person left cocaine in your car.

4. Learn about the penalties.

When facing Louisiana state court, there are possible penalties. Being in possession of cocaine less than 2 grams will attract imprisonment that does not exceed 2 years. In addition, you might be required to pay a fine that does not exceed 5000 dollars.

Having cocaine whose weight is 2 grams or more but below 28 grams, you get imprisonment of one year or more but not more than 5 years. It might also be required that you pay additional five thousand dollars.

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